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Water photographs by Cliff Briggie

Often asked about my water and ice images Is it real or is it Photoshop? the answer, almost always, is This is how it really is. A photograph captures a MOMENT—too brief to see. Within the moment is a FLASH—color, form, or movement—always different, always extraordinary. A photograph FREEZES the moment. Ice, light, and water move, morph, flash, and change. Little pieces of paint take on a life of their own, suddenly exploding, colors streaming everywhere—CLICK—and then, they are gone forever.

– Cliff Briggie

Selected by Mariana

(Fuente: cross-connect)


"The whole ‘Is it a boy or is it a girl?’ thing starts with Brian Jones. He was the first heterosexual pop star to wear costume jewelry, off-stage and on. He was the definitive, quintessential pop star… He looked as good as any of the women in the ’60s like Verushka or Francoise Hardy or Nico. And he did it himself. He didn’t get a bunch of designers. It wasn’t ‘Brian Jones dressed by…’ It was self-presentation. That was his art.” … 
Nick Kent

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